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That the mind and spirit of an individual have a role in the person's physical health is no longer in debate. Exactly what that role is and how the mind/body connection works is becoming the subject of medicine's newest frontier.

Anodyne creates an intellectual bridge between traditional medicine and newly emerging alternative and complementary therapies. Anodyne is effective because it recognizes and capitalizes on the unconscious mind's vast resources and capabilities to effect subjective experiences such as the relaxation response and the perception of pain and anxiety. Anodyne Awareness also enables the practitioner to effect physiological processes such as blood pressure and heart rate as well as the patient's quicker recovery from anesthesia and surgery using only language.

Because these phenomena are easy to demonstrate and repeat, even the most skeptical critic of mind/body techniques can see the value of their use. Practitioner trainees are able to use the techniques with their patients after only a weekend of training and co-workers are easily convinced of the effectiveness of Anodyne when they see it demonstrated.

Larry Burk, MD at Duke University Medical Center has experienced the effects of the training on a this large institution that now has more than 1,000 Anodyne patient interactions per week. He says:

"Anodyne is a natural bridge for the introduction of mind-body methods into the high tech environment of modern medicine. It is easy to understand and accept, and provides an institutional foundation for further mind-body initiatives.

"Beneficial 'side effects' include an attitudinal shift in the Anodyne practitioners as they incorporate the techniques into their everyday work environment. The use of Anodyne makes the daily routine more interesting and stimulating because of the unique interaction with each patient.

"Anodyne also inherently serves as a personal stress manager for the practitioners, allowing them to manage virtually any situation more easily. Another noticeable effect is the transformation toward enhanced patient cooperation as we shift from doing something 'to' the patient to a shared experience. There is also a synergistic effect taking place as multiple trained personnel in different parts of the hospital encounter the same patients."

Anodyne Workshop at the 2nd Annual Duke University
Mind, Body and Spirit Conference
, Oct 30, 1997

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Anodyne Awareness


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