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What People are Saying. . .

Practitioners and patients have reported many benefits of using
Anodyne in a wide variety of clinical and personal contexts.

Here are some comments...

Inside Duke University Medical Center Article on Anodyne

Transcript of Radio Broadcast on Anodyne

From the abstract to Anodyne Imagery: An Alternative to IV Sedation in Interventional Radiology

"Intrapatient comparison showed significantly lower median drug use with Anodyne imagery than without (0.1 vs. 5.3 drug units, p=.01)."

"During their post procedural checks, all patients expressed great appreciation and gratitude for the imagery process. One patient wrote a complimentary letter."

"As a side effect, Anodyne created a pleasant atmosphere for the personnel in the Interventional suite. In particular, one procedure was technically extremely challenging, and the quiet, contented composure of the patient greatly helped the interventional radiologist proceed successfully."

American Journal of Roentgenology, May, 1994

"Although I was skeptical at first, I now realize through my own experience that we have real tools to access the mind in ways I never thought possible."

W.B., MD, Anesthesiologist California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

"I feel fortunate to have had the Anodyne training. The effects of Anodyne on patients in the MRI and Interventional Radiology setting have been dramatic. Patients are reporting feelings of deep relaxation and decreased perception of pain and anxiety during the exam.

"The Anodyne experience has changed my life in such a positive way. I, too, am much more relaxed, and yet focused in my work environment. I would love to see Anodyne incorporated into the curriculum of nursing and medical schools and other related disciplines. I believe once patients experience Anodyne, they will come to expect it from their health care providers."

B.H., R.N., University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

"My first angiogram was painful and I was very anxious, and it took me three days to recover from the drugs. During my second angiogram I used no medication. I had Anodyne instead. I was on the table for three and a half hours, and I reduced my blood pressure from 210/110 to \139/80, something I had not been able to achieve with beta blockers in three months. This encounter greatly improved my tolerance of the pain, greatly reduced my anxiety, reduced the recovery time required, and provided me with a very useful tool for managing pain after I left."

T. A., patient Duke University Medical Center, Durham , NC

"Anodyne has helped me connect better with patients; to help them through their studies with little or no anxiety. Many patients have stated that they appreciate the extra care.

"Anodyne has also helped us to get clearer pictures of our roles in the department, which enables us to help the department and other technologists function better and smoother with fewer conflicts."

C.F., CRT, VA Hospital, Palo Alto, CA

Anodyne Awareness


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