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Training Programs

Practitioner Trainings:
(Successful candidates are certified as Anodyne Practitioners.)

  On-Site Trainings

 Home Study Courses

Become a Certified Anodyne Therapist at home:
Anodyne Therapist Home Study Training

On-Site Practitioner Training

Anodyne Training Center provides on-site training for medical and dental staff. The 40 hour training is conducted in either:

a) the weekend format, two 8 hour classroom days and an additional three days observing participants practice with patients, including a one and one-half hour meeting of all training participants each practice day.

b) the Monday through Friday format, with classroom training in the mornings and supervised practice in the afternoons.

Training Elements:

    • Classroom lectures, demonstrations and practice sessions
    • Demonstrations with patients
    • Supervised practice with patients
    • Question and answer/discussion sessions
    • Practitioner Training Manual

Skills Conveyed:

The program teaches flexibility, encouraging practitioners to tailor techniques to meet the specific needs of each patient and each procedure. The following skills are conveyed in the training program:

    • Building and maintaining rapport
    • Effective use of language and voice
    • Use of suggestions and metaphor
    • Fostering positive post-operative results
    • Use of submodalities
    • Reading minimal cues
    • Anchoring
    • Inner dialogue
    • Accessing inner resources
    • Perceptual positions
    • Pain relief techniques
    • Conscious control of physiological processes; bleeding, heart rate and blood pressure

Anodyne Therapist Training

The basic skills of Anodyne Practitioner training are expanded with powerful new processes for establishing authenic rapport and for resolving both acute and chronic health issues. Patients' health is enhanced through these new interventions; easily finding and addressing the underlying cause(s) of the illness.

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