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The New Hypnosis

by John Pateros

Hypnosis has been around for a long time, yet it's been only recently a 'new' hypnosis has begun to emerge. For many years the hypnotic trance state has been used to help people to relieve pain, change habits, improve performance and regress to previous experiences they could not otherwise remember.

While these effective tools remain, modern practitioners are adding powerful new tools to the workbench of hypnosis. The approach to the work is also new, with emphasis on practical techniques that can be used by anyone ­ with or without the need of a therapist.

The new hypnosis draws inspiration from other technologies of trance states. Shamanism, transpersonal psychology, somatic awareness, metaphysics, psychic energy techniques, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are rich, vital streams of transformational artistry that find their confluence in the New Hypnosis. Practical applications of these disciplines and other, new holistic and spiritually sensitive techniques are synthesizing with the original gift of the old hypnosis - direct access to the unconscious mind.

Far more knowledgeable and powerful than the conscious mind, the unconscious handles the responsibility of keeping the body running well, has memory of every event we've ever experienced, is the source of our emotions, and is our connection with spirit.

Most importantly, the unconscious is the single most dominant force in our lives. At a level deep beneath awareness we assemble the events and draw the people that create our reality. Only by accessing and working with the unconscious mind can we learn the lessons of our experiences, correct the mistakes we've made, and set a new course. We can literally re-create ourselves and our lives by becoming aware of and reprogramming the old habits of awareness and behavior that have kept us tied to our original conditioning.

Practitioners and students of the new hypnosis learn to access the unconscious mind and easily and painlessly heal present difficulties caused by early childhood trauma (including birth and prenatal experiences). Age regression (in a safe, dissociated state) to the time of the trauma enables us to work directly with the inner child, quickly and easily healing issues of pain, grief, anger, fear, guilt and shame.

With new hypnosis techniques important changes in personality can easily be made through inner dialogue with subpersonalities or parts of the self. For example, we can reprogram the behavior of a part that is keeping us entrenched in a habit. Or, if the conscious mind is uncertain of what course to take in a time of decision, this uncertainty can be resolved by contacting a wise and resourceful 'inner guide' who, as a part representing the wise and resourceful unconscious mind, can shed light on difficult issues.

While in trance, the chakras (centers of subtle energy in the body) can be balanced and strengthened, the aura cleansed, and unwanted "cords" that keep us inappropriately connected to other people can be removed. These practices develop psychic awareness and help engender a deep state of health and well-being.

The most important thing about the new hypnosis is the emphasis on self-care. Since we are each responsible for our choices and our own health, it follows that we can care even better for ourselves by learning to do whatever is necessary to rebalance our energy and successfully process our life changes.

So, hypnotherapy clients are encouraged to learn the basic techniques to use on themselves. In the new hypnosis, sessions include coaching in the powerful tools of the new hypnotherapy. Even the powerful tool of regression can be used alone with ease and confidence.

Once a technique is learned, you can use it any time you choose. The new hypnosis is becoming the tool of choice for those wanting to make deep and permanent changes in their life. Personal change can be a most difficult task. Having tools that work and are reliable makes all the difference.

Come to a process coaching session and learn firsthand how easily and effectively you can use the new hypnosis to enhance and transform your life and to help others.

Tools of the New Hypnosis


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